Protecting Your Pets During Fireworks

Dated: October 30 2023

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Fireworks are a lot of fun for people, but for cats, dogs, and other pets, they are loud and scary. Pets running away, getting lost, and being injured in traffic are all common occurrences during fireworks. Keep your pets safe during fireworks with a few simple precautions.

Keep Them Indoors

Your pet doesn’t need to come outside during the fireworks, and would probably rather be in the house, so leave him or her there. Be careful coming in and out of the house to see that a pet doesn’t sneak out; frightened pets may try to escape to run away from the noises. Don’t bring pets to public fireworks displays.

If your pet has a crate or room where they feel safest and most comfortable, make sure they stay in that place during the fireworks. If you aren’t able to be in the home with them, check on them regularly.


Keep Fireworks At a Distance And Set a Time Limit

If your state allows fireworks in your neighborhood, you may be tempted to put on a display of your very own. If you do so, make sure to set them off at a safe distance from your house.

Ask Your Vet For Help

If your pet becomes extremely upset during fireworks displays, and you can’t prevent the pet from hearing them, it might be worth discussing a sedative with your veterinarian. Keeping your pet calm will prevent the kind of flight instinct that leads to animals becoming lost.

Your vet may also be able to provide advice on methods of calming and soothing pets during fireworks displays.

Fireworks and pets generally don’t mix, but it’s not always possible to prevent it. By preparing ahead of time and making sure you’re aware of your pet’s needs, you can prevent an injury or the loss of a beloved furry family member when the fireworks go off.

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